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Day 2 Operations for SONiC with ONES

Day 2 Operations in Data center fabric involves monitoring the Network Fabric for health, anomalies and alerting . It also includes the maintenance of network devices due to failures or upgrades.

Following are some of the most critical operations done by Network Administrators as a part of Day 2 Operations through ONES-

  • Configuration changes, modifications during maintenance windows
  • Monitor Health for Data centers
  • Alerting and Notification on Anomalies
  • Troubleshooting Deployment Failures
  • Moving links and devices in/out of the production fabric using BGP route-map
  • Switch RMA due to hardware failures
  • Custom Image Upgrades for software fixes
  • Version control for configurations applied
  • Ability to backup with “ configuration save” at any time instance and also after successful orchestration
  • Configure Restore - Operators can choose to restore to a particular version of configuration
  • Cost-in/Cost-out of Devices during maintenance
  • Incremental Updates for Configuration like , Layer2 VNI , Layer 3 VNI , BGP policy and other generic underlay protocols


ONES provides in-depth visibility of the network state in a multi-vendor data center environment running SONiC. This includes a comprehensive dashboard view for both the point-in-time and time-series data for inventory, health, topology and traffic management . ONES include an in-built rule engine to notify alerts on anomalies and failures.

For Data Center Operations maintenance, ONES provides clear abstraction to network operators through REST APIs and UIs for Day 2 operations like switch RMAs and image upgrades.