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Deploy ONES

ONES System Requirements

System Hardware Requirements – ONES Application

In the latest release, ONES can support managing up to 1024 devices. For ONES Application Installation, the system hardware requirements may vary based on the number of devices to manage.

Devices Processor and Cores RAM Storage
64 x86/x64 based, 2-core CPU 16GB 160GB/320GB/640GB/1.2 TB
128 INTEL(E5-1607 v2)/AMD, 4 cores 32GB 3 TB or more
256 x86/x64 based 8-core CPU 64GB 6 TB or more
512 INTEL(E5-1607 v2)/AMD, 16 cores or higher 64GB 12 TB or more
1024 INTEL(E5-1607 v2)/AMD, 32 cores or higher 128GB 20 TB or more

ONES Software Requirements

Software Command Validation
Ubuntu Server Installer file (Version 18 or higher) lsb_release -a
Update to latest packages sudo apt-get update NA
Install Docker sudo apt-get install docker ps​
Install Docker-compose sudo apt-get install docker-compose docker-compose version​
Install Python3 sudo apt-get install python3 python3 –-version
Install Python3-pip sudo apt-get install python3-pip pip3 –-version
Install Paramiko sudo apt-get install python3-paramiko ​pip show paramiko
Install SCP-Client sudo pip3 install scp pip show scp

Browser Requirements

  • Google Chrome version 107 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 106 or later

Deploying VM for ONES installation

Please refer the following link for deployment of a virtual machine as a host for ONES application installation

How to Deploy ONES applications on VM

Reference Documentation

ONES REL 1.3 WEB GUI Admin Guide

OVD ONES API for Fabric Orchestration

ONES API for 3rd party integration

OPBNOS API for 3rd party integration