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Why Migrate from PICOS to SONiC

Existing PICOS customers who are looking to transition to an open networking NOS software for their network operation , SONiC is the perfect Solution. SONiC NOS brings great value for customers with deployments running PICOS. SONiC containerized architecture ensures High availability, elasticity, flexibility, innovation, resiliency of workload and applications in a Data center fabric. Multivendor ASIC support provided by Switch abstraction interface (SAI) in SONiC based green field and brownfield fabric deployments provides customers the choice of switches of different speeds from various vendors.

Aviz offers SONiC support to live Data center production which helps operators reduce their TCO by 40% while bringing up Data center underlay and overlay services over a Fabric by seamlessly upgrading to SONiC NOS over any choice of vendor switches.