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Aviz ONES Validated Design

Getting started with SONiC Journey

SONiC, the open-source NOS, is one of the best examples of “Multi-Vendor Open-Source” software in networking, where multiple vendors, service providers, hyperscalers and enterprises collaborate with the community and contribute to the future of open source networking .

Aviz Networks leads open-source networking via disaggregated support, providing cloud-native applications and Artificial intelligence for multi-vendor network fabrics. Aviz enables SONiC adoption in data center core and edge networks by delivering platform and ASIC agnostic, easy-to-use applications for network observability, orchestration and assurance. Aviz is ensuring SONiC becomes an ubiquitous, accessible and intelligent NOS for every stakeholder. Aviz is built on winning customer trust to be the team you turn to for your Open, Cloud, AI-first network solutions. We intensely focus on making every step of your SONiC journey with us a success.

SONiC is an open source network operating system based on Linux that runs on merchant silicon-based platforms. It breaks monolithic switch software into multiple containerized components which network operators can plug-in as new components, third-party, proprietary or open sourced soſtware with minimum effort and tailor SONiC to their specific use case scenarios , thus resulting in a much higher system availability where users can easily manage a variety of services.