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SONiC NOS Installation from ONIE

Before entering into ONIE install mode, operator should ensure to uninstall the PICOS Note: Switch shall automatically enter the ONIE install mode if there's no NOS installed yet.

Step 1. Enter the ONIE install mode

Step 1. Enter the ONIE install mode
*ONIE: Install OS
ONIE: Rescue
ONIE: Uninstall OS
DIAG: Accton Diagnostic (accton_as7326_56x)

Use the ^ and v keys to select which entry is highlighted. Press enter to boot the selected OS, `e' to edit the commands before booting or `c' for a command-line. The highlighted entry will be executed automatically in 2s.

Since switch will automatically start the ONIE Service Discovery, the ONIE-Stop command ensures the users enter the keywords easily. This is not a mandatory command but it won't affect installation no matter whether the user executes it or not though it will enable users to clear the ONIE running logs screen .

# ONIE-stop

Step 2: Call the command to stop ONIE discovery process because DHCP server is not available
ONIE:/ # onie-stop
discover: installer mode detected.
Stopping: discover... done.

Step 3. Setup the ip address binding to switch management port
ONIE:/ # ifconfig eth0 netmask
Caution: If user does not specific any management IP statically , Default ONIE will get ip from DHCP server
Step 4. Install the image from the remote URL via TFTP server IP location ONIE:/ # onie-nos-install tftp://

If the installation is successful, the device will reboot automatically and boot-up with SONiC.

# Example SONiC Image upgrade from ONIE prompt

# Login using the console port and reboot the switch
Enter ONIE mode

# The Switch will reboot and boot into 'ONIE: Install OS' mode, run the below command to stop auto-discovery
ONIE:/ # onie-stop

# Assign 'eth0' with a management-IP to copy image from remote server
ONIE:/ # ifconfig eth0 <mgmt-ip> netmask <netmask> up

# If server is present on different network using below command to add a default route
ONIE:/ # route add default gw <gw-ip>

via SCP
#SCP method to copy the SONiC image file
ONIE:/ # scp <user>@<server-ip>:/<dir>/sonic_image.bin

# Install copied image -
ONIE:/ # onie-nos-install <sonic_image.bin>
ONIE:/ # onie-nos-install http://<IP>:/

via HTTP
ONIE:/ # onie-nos-install http://<IP>:<port>/<sonic-image-nos.bin>