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SONiC Advantages:

  • Standardization of NOS layer for control, flexibility, TCO savings ,in-house innovation and brings uniformity in orchestration and NetOps layer as well
  • Supply chain diversification through a single software platform that runs across a multitude of hardware including white-boxes
  • Hardware agnostic NOS for the entire fabric reduces network complexities improving operational efficiency
  • Open platform that fosters collaboration among networking experts across the globe
  • Growing community of developers that includes hyperscalers, cloud providers, enterprises, startups, individuals and hardware vendors
  • Portability - Switch abstraction interfaces allows SONiC to be ported to multiple vendor switch ASICs
  • Containerization - Container architecture allows upgrading of various services such as BGP with no data plane down time
  • Scalability - Integrations with 3rd party offerings help to automate and validate the overall data center networks
  • Visibility - Open source oriented network operating system and a visible source code without hidden security holes